Shipping Policy

All items will be posted recorded/Signed for delivery with UPS.


Whilst all of our products are thoroughly tested and checked before listing, in the unlikely event that your product develops an issue, all products we sell come with 30 days warranty.

Under this warranty, the item will be repaired or replaced with goods equal to or greater in specification to the item originally purchased. This covers all unforeseen mechanical failures, excluding any issue that may arise from accidental damage or misuse.

Warranty will be void if the item(s) is opened/assessed or if a repair is attempted by any other computer company/technician or any warranty seals have been tampered with.

All of our macs are sold with functional batteries, however we do not guarantee the time that a battery lasts in between charges being that our items are generally graded and the battery is a consumable item.

If you would like a brand new battery fitted to bring your mac up to "as new" status then we would be happy to provide this service. 

If you have any issue or questions, we are always happy to help just contact us on

0203 916 5706

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